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Your Class Campaign

  • 21%
    70 donors out of 337 alumni
    Goal: 100% class participation

Do you enjoy catching up with your classmates? Are you the person who rallies others to participate in events? If so, we invite you to join your Class Reunion Committee.

Your class will be celebrating its Reunion during Alumni Weekend, October 4-5. More information will be coming next month about the fantastic weekend we have planned for you and your classmates.

Class Committee membership is one of the most important volunteer roles at Berkeley Law. By joining your Class Committee you will help plan a successful Reunion, encourage classmates to attend Alumni Weekend, and inspire classmates to support Berkeley Law.

Contact Samantha Zepeda at or (510) 643-6043 to inquire about joining your class committee.

Committee Members

Tristan Brown
Emily Chen
Jessica Diaz
Anne Hilby
Cathy Kwon
Rebecca Lee
Alex Li
Leilani Lipa
Nneka Okafor
Lulie Osher
Danielle Pierre
Smita Rajmohan
Ashley Rodriguez
Cristina Sepe
Cali Tran
James Unger

Reunion Donors

Devon Ahearn
Lucy Allen
Jennifer Barnette
Christopher Bower
Dominique Caamano
Jennifer Cadet
Emily Chen
Andrew Collins
Benjamin Craven
Allison Dale
Jessica Diaz
Katherine Duncan
Elisabeth Esposito
Nicole Fritz
Jeremy Goldstein
Andrew Gordon
Robin Gushman
Sara Haji
Ryan Hart
Shana Heller
Yesica Hernandez
Antonio Ingram
Louisa Irving
Kathryn Jackson
Nina Jehle

Julie Kent
Stacie Kinser
Andrew Kreider
Catherine Kwon
Rebecca Lee
Alex Li
Lujing Liu
Steven Lopez
Christopher MacIel
Lalitha Madduri
Patrick Metz
Marienna Murch
John Muse-Fisher
Veronica Nauts
John Neldam
Justin Orr
Edward Osher
Janine Panchok-Berry
Ryne Posey
Alexander Pyle
Smita Rajmohan
Page Robinson
Ashley Rodriguez
Brett Sandford
Cristina Sepe

Anuradha Sivaram
Julia Stephanides
Andrew Talai
James Unger
Kimberly Weber
Ethan Weiner
Heather Welles
Joseph Wimsett
Alexandra Wood
Efan Wu

Lost Classmates

Please help us get back in touch with your classmates. If you have any contact information for these classmates, please email

Craig Barnes
Olga Basko
Jo Kent
Travis Robertson
Donovan Schafer