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Your Class Campaign

  • 18%
    53 donors out of 293 alumni
    Goal: 100% class participation

Do you enjoy catching up with your classmates? Are you the person who rallies others to participate in events? If so, we invite you to join your Class Reunion Committee.

Your class will be celebrating its Reunion during Alumni Weekend, October 4-5. More information will be coming next month about the fantastic weekend we have planned for you and your classmates.

Class Committee membership is one of the most important volunteer roles at Berkeley Law. By joining your Class Committee you will help plan a successful Reunion, encourage classmates to attend Alumni Weekend, and inspire classmates to support Berkeley Law.

Contact Samantha Zepeda at or (510) 643-6043 to inquire about joining your class committee.

Committee Members

Jean-Paul Cart
Josh Keesan
Jose Luis Lopez
Michael McCarthy
Kim Natividad

Marc Pilotin
Shalini Swaroop

Reunion Donors

Luiz Arroyo
Rachael Burnson
Katherine Cameron
Deborah Carrillo
Jean-Paul Cart
Charles Crandall
Hilliary Creely
Caroline Cunningham
Ryan Davis
Meredith Dearborn
Sarah DeKay
Elan Emanuel 
Ryan Enchelmayer
Aaron Epstein
Bejan Fanibanda
Stephen Garcia
Louise Gibbons
Stefanie Gitler
Karis Gong
Vivian Grigorians
Tamar Gubins

Vina Ha
Matthew Henjum
Alvina Hou
Sally Huang
Jennifer Jeffers
Elizabeth Kaplan
Joshua Keesan
Elizabeth Kostrzewa
Jason Kwon
Martha Lackritz
Cortlin Lannin
Justin Lee
Michaela Lewis
Sarah London
Jose Lopez
Kathleen Lu
Mari Montague
Marshall Mort 
Marc Pilotin
Keramet Reiter
Stuart Robinson

Kimberly Robinson
Julie Shah 
Shana Simmons
Asa Solway
Shalini Swaroop
Edward Takashima
Alexander Talsma
Julia Taylor
David Tolley
Giancarlo Urey
Cecilia Ziniti

Lost Classmates

Please help us get back in touch with your classmates. If you have any contact information for these classmates, please email

Liwen Wu