Berkeley Law Alumni Network

Berkeley Law Alumni Network (formerly B-Link) is your exclusive alumni directory and networking platform.

Berkeley Law Alumni Network is a closed-network platform that enables alumni from across the globe to reconnect with classmates; find alumni by practice area, geographic region, affinity group, or shared interest; share professional updates, news, photos, events, and jobs; enhance your career through your alumni connections; and find ways to stay engaged with your alma mater and fellow alumni.

You are part of a robust network of impactful legal professionals. This community-powered hub that enables you to tap into the vast benefits of your alumni family:

  • Share job openings at your firm or organization.
  • Find an expert in a practice area you are interested in to be a mentor or offer advice.
  • Keep up with what’s happening in Berkeley Law’s centers and clinics by following their pages.
  • Create groups where members of your class can communicate and make plans to come back to Berkeley for your reunion. 

Berkeley Law Alumni Network is a closed network, accessible only to Berkeley Law alumni and monitored by Berkeley Law Development & Alumni Relations. You can log on using your LinkedIn account, Facebook account, or email. Registration takes only a few minutes, and you can  control the amount of information that others on the platform can see about you through your profile settings.

How to get started:

  • Register by creating your username and password. We suggest registering through LinkedIn. It is the quickest and easiest way.
  • Follow the instructions step by step to add all of the relevant information to your profile.
  • Pending approval (confirming you are a Berkeley Law grad), you’re all set to start exploring the benefits of the network.
  • Post a message to say hello and introduce yourself, upload photos, browse to find people you know, and invite other alumni to join.

This is a new platform, and we are continuously working with the developer to make improvements. Your feedback is greatly valued. If you have any suggestions, trouble or questions, please email us at