U.C. Berkeley Campus


U.C. Berkeley is known around the world for its intellectually adventurous and highly distinguished faculty and students. And it has the evidence to prove it. 

Berkeley is in the Top 6 worldwide for the number of Nobel prizes awarded to its faculty. The university’s faculty also includes almost 350 members of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. It also claims more than 135 Guggenheim Fellows—more than any other university in the country, with law faculty well-represented.

The university is also recognized for the scope of its research and the size and quality of its libraries and laboratories. One measure of achievement is that the National Research Council ranked Berkeley as the leading U.S. university for graduate studies.

The campus sponsors thousands of educational and cultural events, including lectures, symposia, seminars, concerts, plays, dance performances, and exhibits that showcase art, photography, and architecture. Most of these and other on-campus events are open to registered students at little or no cost.