J.S.P. Program Fellowships and Other Financial Assistance


Fellowships and other forms of financial assistance are offered by the Berkeley Graduate Division and by the Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program (J.S.P.).

Fellowships and Financial Aid

Many students who enter the J.S.P. program are awarded multi-year fellowships from the Graduate Division or through J.S.P.’s own Selznick Fellowships. Additional financial support is offered through the program in the form of teaching assistantships in the undergraduate Legal Studies Program. Typically, such teaching assistantships are available to all who apply. Those who apply for Graduate Division fellowships also will be  considered automatically for all the financial assistance administered by the program. While we cannot currently make a multi-year funding guarantee to every admitted student, we are committed to making the program realistically affordable to every person we admit. We work with each admitted student who has not received a Graduate Division or Selznick Fellowship, to craft a plan that includes teaching assistantships, smaller fellowship awards, and applications for continuing student fellowships.

Because university-provided financial assistance is limited, students are also encouraged to apply to private foundation and government agencies that support graduate study at American universities. Students in the J.S.P. program have been particularly successful in obtaining Mellon, Javits Fulbright, and NSF fellowships. See the Graduate Division web site for additional information on these and other extramural funding opportunities.