International Students

International applicants to the J.D. program who have earned an undergraduate degree from an institution outside of the United States or Canada must register with the Credentials Assembly Service (CAS), take the LSAT, and comply with all of the other application requirements. An undergraduate degree earned outside of the United States or Canada is acceptable for admission if it is determined to be equivalent to an American bachelor’s degree.  The TOEFL is not required.

International applicants who hold a masters degree may apply to the J.D. program but also must follow the regular admission procedures.  No transfer credits are recognized towards the J.D. degree.  The program of study is three years in duration.

The financial resources required to attend Berkeley Law are substantial. Before committing the energy and financial resources required, international applicants need to obtain a visa and evaluate their ability to meet the total education costs. International applicants must be prepared to fund all their academic and living expenses. Even students who receive some fellowship assistance must be prepared to provide the approximately $79,000 (U.S.) required per academic year for educational and living expenses.

If the student is married and/or has children, an additional $7,000 is recommended for the spouse and an additional $4,000 is recommended for each child. These funds must be provided by either the applicant or the applicant’s sponsor. Berkeley Law does not provide full-tuition fellowships, tuition waivers, need-based grants, nor graduate teaching assistantships.

Additional financial aid information for international students is available here.