Application Forms & Procedures

The Juris Doctor (J.D.) Program

First-year Applicants: The application for each fall term is available online via the LSAC website from September 1-February 1. As we employ a rolling review process, you are strongly encouraged to submit a completed application as early as possible, ideally before early-December.

Advanced Standing Applicants: The application period for advanced standing is April 1 – June 15 and is available online via the LSAC website.

Application Fee

A non-refundable $75 application fee is required at the time of application. Your application will not be processed without it. The fee cannot be used for processing applications to other law schools within the University of California System.

Fee Waivers

A need-based application fee waiver program is administered by Law Services. Information about the LSAC fee waiver program and how to apply for one is available here. If you obtain an LSAC fee waiver, our application fee will be waived automatically if you apply to Berkeley. 

Merit-based waivers are not offered. We do not offer a fee waiver program for transfer or visiting status applicants.

A limited number of Berkeley Law application fee waivers are available to applicants who submit our online form. Please submit the Fee Waiver Request Form along with proof of participation directly to the Admissions Office. Proof of participation falls in three broad categories:  

  • Honors/Research (e.g., Fulbright, Truman, Rhodes, Marshall)
  • Public Service (e.g., Teach for America, Peace Corps, current military or veteran)
  • Educational/Socio-Economic Disadvantage (e.g., CYDL participant, Gates Scholar, Pell Grant recipient)

 For a detailed list, please go to the online form page here after September 1. 

The deadline to submit a fee waiver application is the end of business on January 1. Applicants who do not receive a waiver or who miss the deadline must pay the fee.

Reapplying to the School

If you took the LSAT more than five years ago, you must take the test again. You must renew your CAS account and resubmit transcripts and recommendations if your account has expired. Contact LSAC to determine your status and then use their system to reapply online. Although a decision from a previous year has no bearing on a subsequent application, we recommend that you do not submit an identical application. This usually means providing a revised personal statement, obtaining additional work or other experiences, pursuing a graduate degree in the interim period, and/or retaking the LSAT. We will use the highest of multiple LSAT scores unless the scores are clustered closely together, in which case we will use the average.

Financial Aid

Refer to the Financial Aid section of the website for more information about financial aid.