Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, participants are expected to complete the entire course. Anyone who does not complete a course, even for unforeseen reasons, will not receive a Certificate of Completion.

A: No, sections are the same course, offered at different times. You should not enroll in more than one section unless you want to take the same course more than once.

A: No. You will not receive a transcript or university credit for taking our courses as a non-degree (PLE) participant.

A: Yes. You will be asked questions in the registration process regarding your English proficiency. If you do not come from a country or educational background in which English is the primary language, and you do not have proof of TOEFL or IELTS, you may be asked to make an appointment with a PLE administrator to assess your English ability.

A: A limited number of PLE (non-degree) seats are available in a subset of the courses offered in Berkeley Law’s Professional Track LL.M. degree program. PLE (non-degree) seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The list of PLE courses is available on our Courses page.

A: No, both the California and New York bars require a transcript and grades for a course to count towards bar eligibility requirements. However, the content you learn from taking the course may help you do better on the bar.

A: Yes. Please email when you register for classes for more information.

A: If you have at least 3 professional years experience in a relevant law related field you may register for courses. For example, you are an engineer who is interested in patent law, or an accountant interested in business law.

A: No, only matriculated UC Berkeley degree students receive student ID cards.

A: Yes. You are encouraged to participate in classroom discussions, expected to read the material, and be prepared in case you are called on in class.

A: No. At the end of the course, only the LL.M. degree students will sit for the exam. PLE participants are not eligible to take the exam or receive a grade for the course.

A: Most events that occur in the summer (as part of the program services provided to LL.M. professional track degree students) are open to PLE participants, unless otherwise notified.

A: No, only Berkeley Law alumni and students enrolled in the LL.M. degree program are eligible to make appointments with advisors.

A: We offer a 10% discount for alumni and a 10% discount with registration and pre-payment of 3 or more courses; discounts cannot be combined.

A. PLE participants may use the library during regular library hours and may use library books while in the library.

A: The building is open to the public from 9am until 5pm every week day. You will have access to all publicly accessible areas of the school during those hours.

A: Yes, you may take courses to complete your certificate of specialization. The certificate will be administered and awarded by the Advanced Degree Programs Office.

A. No, we do not provide that service.