Frequently Asked Questions: Financial Aid

LL.M. professional track, hybrid option, and traditional track students are awarded scholarships along with their admission to the program. There is no additional application required.

Berkeley Law will consider matching awards for admitted applicants who have received a scholarship or financial aid offer from another LL.M. program and are interested in receiving a scholarship offer for our LL.M. program. Students must be admitted to the LL.M. program (any track) before they can apply for this scholarship program.

No. The merit-based or country-based scholarship awards that students receive are finalized during the admissions process. There is no additional financial aid available to students once they have enrolled. We will not consider additional requests for financial aid once students have enrolled.

If you are at Berkeley Law on an F-1 Visa, you are not permitted to work off campus. If you attend the traditional track, there are some, very limited opportunities to work on campus. However, these jobs are rare and very low-paying and do not cover the cost of food or housing or any significant part of tuition expenses. You should have your finances arranged before you come to Berkeley Law so that you can fully pay for tuition costs and room and board expenses.