COA LL.M. Hybrid Option

The Cost of Attendance (COA) or budget for a student is an estimate of that student’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment.

See the chart below for the COA for a student in the LL.M. hybrid option.

Living expenses are estimates based on a single professional (graduate) program student at UC Berkeley. Students should consider their own spending patterns and of the possibility of unforeseen expenses when planning their budgets.


LL.M. Program Expenses

Hybrid Option

Spring Semester (online) 2020

Summer Semester (3 months in-residence) 2020

Fall Semester (online) 2020

Total 2020 (3 semesters, 12 months)

Tuition and Fees 15,840.50
(25% of total)
(50% of total)
(25% of total)
Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Fee**   1,623 (WAIVED FOR SUMMER 2020)   1,623
Berkeley International Office (BIO) Services Fee   56 (WAIVED FOR SUMMER 2020)   56
Other Expenses, Estimated***        
Books and Supplies       598
Rent and Utilities   5,510   5,510
Food, Groceries   2,543   2,543
Personal   862   862
Transportation****   1,001   1,001

*Fees for the LL.M. hybrid option program equal the prior academic year’s fees. 25% of fees will be billed for the spring term, 50% for the summer term, and 25% for the fall term. Spring fees are due in mid-January, summer fees in mid-May, and fall fees in mid-August. Payment method info is here:

**If you have comparable insurance, you may request to waive enrollment. Go to the University Health Services website for more information. Hybrid option students do not pay for SHIP during the spring and fall semesters while studying online.

***Living expense estimates for an average single student in a professional program at UC Berkeley for a nine-month academic year from August to May, based on the UCOP Graduate COA Survey Report 2017 with San Francisco Consumer Price Index and Residential Rent CPI adjustment for 18-19.

****Note that transportation costs vary widely; most Berkeley students walk or take public transit for lower cost.

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