Tuition & Costs

While precise fee levels change each year, UC Berkeley School of Law continues to be one of the best values in legal education.

LL.M. Traditional Track (Fall/Spring): Tuition fees for the 2016-2017 academic year are estimated at $54,913. Student health insurance costs an additional $4,146; students already covered by an eligible health insurance plan may apply for a waiver. Because this program does not distinguish between in or out-of-state fees, there are no discounts for California residents.

LL.M. Professional Track (Summer): Tuition for the professional track is the same as the traditional track. Approximately half of the total tuition and fees is due each summer semester.  Since tuition for the traditional track may rise from year to year, professional track students’ second summer tuition fees may be higher than the first summer.

J.S.D. Program: Tuition for first year J.S.D. students during the 2015-2016 academic year is estimated at $13,460.50 for California residents or $28,562.50 for nonresidents. Student health insurance costs an additional $3,754; students already covered by an eligible health insurance plan may apply for a waiver. Once a student advances to candidacy, typically after the first year, the nonresident supplemental tuition fee (if applicable) is waived for the remaining 2 years. Total fees for the 3-year program are approximately $47,000 for CA residents or $60,000 for nonresidents (includes health insurance).

Students accepted to one of the advanced degree programs should anticipate annual expenses of approximately $1,500 for books and supplies. Please note that this figure is an estimate; each student’s expenses for books and supplies will vary.

Living expenses in the Bay Area are high. By university estimates, a single student should budget a minimum of around $1,500 per month. Add $583 per month for a spouse accompanying a married student; add $333 a month for each dependent child accompanying the student. These are minimum amounts that will provide only a very frugal living for a student. Students need to take account of their own spending patterns and of the possibility of unforeseen expenses when planning their budgets.

International students admitted to the law school will be required to document their financial support for their studies in the U.S. for visa purposes.  This process is not part of the application for admission. For all matters concerning visas, consult with Berkeley International Office, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-2321, or email

Estimated Living Expenses
for the nine-month academic year

Rent /Utilities ($1,198 per month)*
Food ($749 per month)
Books & Supplies
Personal ($196 per month)
Transportation ($308 per month)
*based on off-campus housing expenses.

All questions regarding fees, deposits or refunds should be directed to the Advanced Degree Programs Office.