Public Law & Regulation Certificate (Professional Track)

The Public Law & Regulation Certificate is designed for students and attorneys focusing on issues of governance, comparative law and public interest. Working across a broad spectrum of legal and policy issues, the students in this specialization will be prepared to contribute to the public sphere wherever they go.

Students who meet the following requirements upon graduation may apply for an LL.M. Certificate of Specialization in Public Law & Regulation toward the end of their second semester:

1) Completion of the three core public law courses at Berkeley Law:

    • Policy, Politics and Problem Solving (offered jointly with UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy)
    • Administrative Law
    • Constitutional Law

2) Completion of at least one additional course from the list below:

    • Human Rights 1
    • Human Rights 2: The Law of Mass Atrocity
    • Environmental Law
    • Antitrust Law

Deadline to apply: July 10 of the second summer. 2S students may apply online here.

Public Law Scholarship

Public Law Scholarship is available to students who complete the Certificate of Specialization in Public Law & Regulation and meet several award requirements.