Academic Calendar

The summer term is divided into 4 quarters, each three weeks long. Professional track students may choose to begin each summer in either Quarter 1 or Quarter 2, and must be enrolled in three consecutive quarters for each of the two consecutive summer terms.

Academic Calendar: Summer 2018

Orientation for Quarter 1  May 14, Monday
Quarter 1 Instruction Begins May 15, Tuesday
Memorial Day, no classes meet May 28, Monday
Quarter 1 Final Examinations June 4, Monday
Orientation for Quarter 2, 1S* & 2S** June 5, Tuesday
Quarter 2 Instruction Begins June 6, Wednesday
Quarter 2 Final Examinations

June 25, Monday

Quarter 3 Instruction Begins June 27, Wednesday
Independence Day extended holiday, no classes meet July 4-6, Wednesday-Friday
Quarter 3 Final Examinations July 20, Friday
Commencement July 23, Monday
Quarter 4 Instruction Begins July 24, Tuesday
Quarter 4 Final Examinations August 10-13, Friday-Monday

*Students in the 1st summer of the LL.M. professional track
**Students in the 2nd summer of the LL.M. professional track