Nicolas Charest ’19

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Thesis Advisor: Molly Shaffer Van Houweling

Thesis Topic: “Numerus Clausus Principle and IP Licenses: Emergence of Digital Property Rights on Big Data”

Research Interests: Intellectual property law, property law, geographical indications, wine law, art law, philosophy of IP law, law & history

Biography: Aspiring IP scholar with great interest in producing research output that yields practical solutions and insights to practitioners and policy makers. Especially interested in trademark law and unfair competition in the wine and luxury industries and in the historical and philosophical foundations of IP regimes.


N. Charest, “R v Comeau: Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Interprovincial Free Trade (of Alcoholic Beverages) in Canada” (2018) 1:2 Jus Vini (Paris, Mare & Mare).

N. Charest, “Integrating the Protection of Local and International Geographical Indications in Federal States: Transsystemic Study of GI Protection in Canada, USA, and Germany”, in J. Chaisse & Dany Friedman, eds, Wine Law & Policy: From National Terroirs to a Global Market, Brill [forthcoming].


B.C.L. & LL.B., McGill University – Faculty of Law (2018)
Minor in Art History, McGill University – Faculty of Arts (2018)