The coursework in your online course is the same type of coursework you’d experience in an in-person class at Berkeley Law. You will listen to lectures by your professor and guest speakers, you will participate in group discussions, you will complete individual and group assignments, and you will complete formative assessments (for example, quizzes after each topic of instruction) and summative assessments (for example, a final exam at the end of the term).

The vast majority of online course content is self-paced, meaning that you have the flexibility to complete the coursework at the time and place that is convenient for you. However, the courses are rigorous and fast-paced, and you will be expected to keep up with the material presented each week. You will have weekly assignments with specific due dates, discussions to which you will be expected to contribute, and (depending on the professor) you may have a limited number of live online class meetings that you will be expected to join at a specific time. Live meetings will take place a time that is reasonably accommodating to all students.

For your spring courses, you should expect to devote about 14 hours each week to your studies. This approximation of study time applies to all 3-unit courses at Berkeley Law, whether online or in-residence. Many activities may comprise these 14 hours, such as watching lecture videos, completing reading assignments, contributing to discussions, doing written assignments, studying and taking quizzes and the exam, interacting with the professor in office hours, and/or collaborating with fellow students.

We suggest blocking off regular days and times to study. For example, you might set aside 2 hours every night Monday through Friday, plus 4 more hours over the weekend. Or, you may want to set aside 3 hours every weekday, and have your weekend free. Your specific schedule may be different than other students, and you may find that you need to adapt as you go on. Regardless of the study schedule you choose, you should set aside enough study time each week for you to complete the week’s assignments and keep on pace with the intensive schedule. You should complete each module in the week that it is assigned to avoid falling behind. Your professor has included “Suggested completion dates” in the course sequence to help keep you on track.

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