Engage with Berkeley Law Online Courses

Four courses (8 units) of the Berkeley Law LL.M. hybrid option are online. These online courses are unlike most other online education experiences. You will experience the rigor and quality you can expect from Berkeley Law. You will be an active participant in an engaging online community. And you will make real connections with world-class faculty and fellow students.

Our online education model has four pillars, all designed to put students at the center of the experience. Watch this video to see how we employ this design philosophy.

1: Engaging content

Our courses employ a wide variety of online tools to make learning engaging and interactive. Students will experience video lectures, narrated slide show presentations, diagrams and displays, and written text of lectures.

2: Engagement with faculty

A key feature of our online courses is the opportunity to interact directly with our faculty. During a typical course, students might connect with instructors through moderated discussions groups (both synchronous and asynchronous), participate in weekly office hours, and join live online meetings through video, audio, and/or chat.

3: Student-to-student connections

Our courses are designed to create a feeling of community and accountability, foster networking opportunities, and provide connections that reach beyond the virtual world. Students will begin each course by posting brief video introductions, identifying their location on a map, and connecting with their fellow students by integrating social media tools they already use. 

4: Engagement with Berkeley

The Berkeley Law online course environment is one that creates a strong sense of connection to the vibrant Berkeley Law and UC Berkeley campus communities, even before students step foot in California. Videos and live events take place in actual classrooms, campus locations, and other locales in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students meet faculty at virtual office hours in faculty offices, just like they do in Berkeley.

During the summer session, our LL.M. hybrid option students come together in person and become part of our vibrant summer LL.M. community here in Berkeley. Once they graduate, they’ll be Berkeley Law alumni, and enjoy all the benefits of our international network of lawyers and academics.