Academic Calendar

The hybrid option spans one calendar year and includes three terms – spring, summer, and fall. The spring term is online. The summer term is in residence. The fall term is online.

Overall Academic Calendar: Spring, Summer, Fall 2020

Orientation for Spring Term (online) December 17, 2019
Fundamentals of US Law (online)

Instruction Jan 9-Feb 27

Final Feb 28-Mar 5

Intellectual Property Law or Business Associations (online)

Instruction Mar 9-Apr 27

Final April 28-May 3

Orientation for Summer Term (in Berkeley) May 18
Summer Term Begins (in Berkeley) May 19
Commencement (in Berkeley) July 21
Summer Term Ends August 10
Capstone Writing Project Begins (online) August 11
Form + Fund (online)

Instruction Aug 31-Oct 23

Final Exam Window
Oct 26-Oct 30

Fundamentals of Corporate Sustainability (online)

Instruction Nov 11-Dec 6

Final Exam Window
Dec 9-Dec 13 

Capstone Writing Project Due  November 20

Detailed Academic Calendar: Summer Term 2020

The summer term is divided into 4 quarters, each three weeks long. Hybrid option students enroll in all 4 quarters. 

Courses are intensive, each 1-3 weeks in duration, followed immediately by a final exam. Because of the intensive format, students complete on average 1-2 courses every 3 weeks. 

Orientation  May 18, Monday
Quarter 1 Instruction Begins May 19, Tuesday
Memorial Day, no classes meet May 25, Monday
Quarter 1 Final Examinations June 8, Monday
Quarter 2 Instruction Begins  June 10, Wednesday
Quarter 2 Final Examinations

June 29, Monday

Quarter 3 Instruction Begins June 30, Tuesday
Independence Day holiday, no classes meet July 3, Friday
Quarter 3 Final Examinations July 20, Monday
Commencement July 21, Tuesday
Quarter 4 Instruction Begins July 22, Wednesday
Quarter 4 Final Examinations August 10, Monday
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