University Housing

Although most graduate students live in off-campus rental housing, there are a few university options near campus. It is best to apply early. To apply online (Calnet ID required) or download a paper application, click here.

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Professional track students, please note:

Lease terms vary for each building, and some university buildings are available only for year-round rentals. Professional track applicants interested in summer accommodations in University residence halls and apartments should visit the 2016 Summer Sessions Housing website for detailed information:


Manville Apartments 
12-month lease required (sublets not permitted). The Manville Apartments are reserved for law and graduate students (priority is given to law students). Manville, with its unique, award-winning architecture, is located just three blocks from the central campus at the corner of Shattuck Avenue and Channing Way. This location features a popular coffee cafe right downstairs, restaurants, a large video store, a bookstore, and a copy and desktop publishing shop across the street. Just down the block, in downtown Berkeley, are more restaurants, movie theaters and shops. 

This complex consists of 132 small, single-occupancy studio apartments. There is normally a waiting list, so the sooner you apply, the more likely you will get an offer of housing. The apartments range in size from 260 to 305 square feet, and some have decks, views or access to the central open-air courtyard. Each apartment is carpeted and features a built-in kitchenette, desk and bookcase. The complex has study rooms, a laundry room and a recreation room. Projected rates for the 2016-17 year range from $1,125 to $1,163, and include water and garbage service.

Ida Louise Jackson Graduate House
12-month lease required (sublets not permitted). This nearby complex features shared apartments with single-occupancy bedrooms just one block from the law school. Furnished apartments range from two bedrooms up to six bedrooms, and the complex features study rooms, lounges, a private courtyard and coin laundry facilities. Each apartment features a kitchen, living room, dining area and one or two bathrooms, depending upon the number of bedrooms in the unit. Virtually the entire complex is reserved for graduate students. Rates per bedroom, for the 2016-17 year, are projected to range from $1,032 – $1,214. 

Apply online here for either the Manville Apartments or Jackson House. 

For more information, you may contact Cal Housing:
Cal Housing
2610 Channing Way #2272
Berkeley, CA 94720-2272
Telephone: 510.642.4108
Fax: 510.643.7126


The University of California, Berkeley, offers one Family Student Housing (FSH) option: University Village in Albany. Over the years, University Village has become an active, supportive community for students juggling family and educational responsibilities. A month-to-month rental agreement is required.

Student Applicants

Eligible applicants must be a registered UC Berkeley undergraduate or graduate student, and: 

  • single and living with child(ren) under the age of 18 or dependent minor(s) for at least 50% of the year1
  • married or partnered and living with child(ren) or dependent minor(s) under the age of 18 for at least 50% of the year
  • single and under the age of 18, dependent, and living with parent or legal custodian
  • couples, married or in a domestic partnership, without children
  • single and living with a dependent over the age of 182
  • single graduate or re-entry student (eligible for 1-bedroom apartments only)

For more information about Family Student Housing, contact:
Cal Housing/Apartment Assignments
Residential & Student Service Programs
2610 Channing Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-2272
510-643-4026 (Fax)


The Berkeley Student Cooperative is a student-owned and operated system of 17 rooming houses and three apartment complexes near campus. Students contribute a weekly work shift to keep the cost of the housing extremely low. Two facilities, Hillegass Parker House and the Convent, are set aside for graduate and reentry students. 

In addition to meal service in the houses, the house kitchens are available for students to use at all times.

Rooming house rates for the 2015-16 academic year are $3,309 per semester for a standard single room ($3,915 for a large single in Hillegass Parker), and include room, board and utilities. For summer, rates range from $1,720 – $2,428 for the entire summer term.

For more information contact:                             
2424 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709
510-848-2114 (Fax)


Located just across the street from Berkeley Law, International House (I-House) houses approximately 600 graduate and upper division students. Approximately half of the residents are foreign and half are U.S. citizens. This beautiful facility was designed by renowned architect Julia Morgan and overlooks the San Francisco Bay from the top of Bancroft Way, across the street from Boalt Hall. 

Room rates for the 2016-17 Academic Year range from $15,189 – $19,671. Summer rates range from $3,940 – $6,098 for a 10-week session. All rates include room, board and your I-House program membership. In addition to the room and board fees, a refundable security deposit of $500 is required.

For more information, contact:
International House
2299 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94720-2320
510-642-5220 (Fax)


There are many other hotels and motels in the Berkeley area, particularly on University Avenue. You will find a list of hotels and motels on the Cal Rentals website and in the Visiting section of this website. If you expect an assignment to university-operated housing, you may need to rent a place until your assignment is ready. Cal Rentals recommends that your off-campus rental be a month-to-month agreement, which allows you to move out with 30 days written notice to the landlord. Approximately half the rentals listed with Cal Rentals are month-to-month or offer negotiable tenancies

If you expect an assignment to university-operated housing, you may need temporary housing until your assignment is ready.  Some short-term options include: