Martin M. Shapiro (Emeritus)



 I am currently directing Ph.D. candidates working on comparative judicial review in democratic and nondemocratic states, the law and politics of the E.U., transnational conflict resolution institutions, U.S. and comparative constitutional and administrative law and government regulation of business. The range of my interests is indicated in three recent volumes by myself and various associates and former students:

Martin Shapiro and Alec Stone Sweet, On Law, Politics and Judicialization (Oxford 2002)

Martin Levin and Martin Shapiro, eds., Transatlantic Policymaking in an Age of Austerity (Georgetown 2004)

Tom Ginsburg and Robert Kagan, eds., Institutions and Public Law: Comparative Approaches (Peter Lang 2005)

My current writings include papers on the Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice, due process American style, human rights judicial review in Europe and regulatory corporatism.

Professor Shapiro’s faculty profile, bio, and other information can be found here.