Environmental Law


Berkeley Law was one of the first major law schools to enter the field of environmental law, and our program remains as strong as ever today.

Berkeley Law offers students the opportunities to take a broad range of courses in the field; to engage in cutting-edge research and writing; to explore interdisciplinary perspectives on the environment; to obtain vital practical experience; and to connect with the Bay Area’s environmental law community, one of the most dynamic in the country.

Berkeley Law offers students an unparalleled program in environmental law, one that reflects the broad interdisciplinary nature of this field. Students may choose from numerous environmental law courses and seminars. In addition, international and comparative environmental law courses augment regular course offerings. A certificate indicating successful completion of the program is awarded to those who fulfill the specialization requirements.

The Environmental Law Program also provides the opportunity to perform research with its top-notch faculty through the Center for Law, Energy & the Environment (CLEE), or participate in the Ecology Law Quarterly, the nation’s leading environmental law journal. Students may become members, and eventually editors, of this preeminent student-run journal, writing articles and editing works submitted by other students, faculty members, and outside authors.

California has long been a center of environmental innovations, and it remains in the forefront today on issues ranging from global warming to coastal zone management. Students have the opportunity to participate in this ferment in several ways. The field placement program gives students the chance to work with leading national environmental groups, government agencies, and other public interest organizations. Each year, the Workshop in Development and Environment subjects a major public project in California to environmental scrutiny, giving students the opportunity to meet with leading experts and members of the policy community. Finally, teams of students in the Environmental Practicum work under the supervision of a leading environmental practitioner on research projects for government agencies and public interest groups.

Students also may enroll in concurrent degree programs and take related courses in other departments and schools at Berkeley. In addition, students may enroll in combined degree programs with the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University or the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

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