CDO PIPS Webcasts

For 1Ls


1L Public Interest & Government Job Search Workshop (Fall 2012)    

Accompanying PowerPoint Slides (PDF) and Handout (PDF)

For 2Ls (and rising 2Ls)

2L Public Interest & Government Summer Job Search Overview  (Spring 2012)

Accompanying PowerPoint Slides (PDF) & Brainstorming Worksheet (Word)

2L Public Interest & Government Summer Job Search (Spring 2013)
An overview designed to help 2L students navigate their second summer government and public interest job search.

Accompanying PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

For 3Ls (and rising 3Ls)

Post-Graduate Government Job Search (Spring 2013)

Accompanying PowerPoint Slides

Public Interest Post-Graduate Fellowships Workshop (Spring 2012).  For 2010's version, click here