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New Info about EIW

Just wanted to let you know that you can now log in to b-Line (see quicklink on the CDO homepage) and see the employers that have signed up for EIW so far (click on the OCI tab at the top of the b-Line homepage).

NOTE: You will only see the schedules of employers who are interviewing for your class year (current count for 2Ls (Class of 2015) is over 200 employer schedules; 3Ls (Class of 2014) should see 22 schedules).

Also, we've been updating and adding content to our EIW webpage (Click on Jobs and Career Options, then on Interview Programs).

Some highlights:

In the Employer Research Section, a report showing where current Boalt summer associates are working (with email addresses) (Note: we've included info only for those who gave us permission to share it with others.)

In the Strategy and Advice section, a collection of narratives and advice from students who got an OCI job despite having less than impressive grades.

A whole section on EIW mechanics (how to bid, preparing resumes, reference lists, etc.) FYI -- Bidding doesn't actually open until late July (follow Calendar link on the EIW webpage for more key dates and deadlines).

A brief (12 min.) webcast on conducting a search for a summer job with out-of-town firms not participating in EIW. Click on EIW/FIP Webcasts in the Strategy and Advice section and look for the "Out of Town Job Search" link.

We will be continuing to update the EIW webpage over the coming days and weeks and will let you know as more info becomes available.

In the meantime, email us or give us a call if you have any questions about EIW or about your current summer job -- remember we're here all summer.

You might want to spend some time revising your resume and -- if you are planning on doing an out-of-town job search -- drafting a cover letter (no cover letters are required for EIW bidding or interviews). We'd be happy to review drafts and provide feedback. Send them to us at Getting your materials to us early (prior to July 4th weekend) will insure they receive a careful review and are back in your hands in time for them to be of maximum usefulness to you.

BTW -- those of you at firms this summer may want to follow this link to a 1 page article offering 10 quick and useful summer associate success tips.

And, in case you're looking for the big email we sent out just before finals about Summer, EIW and the 2013 Recruiting Season, it's the previous item in the News and Announcements section of the CDO website's homepage.