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Kony Kim


Year: Advanced to Candidacy (ABD) - JSP

Email: kony (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Website: http://about.me/konykim


While at UC Berkeley, I've had amazing opportunities to work for and alongside people caught in the prison system.

My personal and philosophical perspectives -- as well as my career goals -- have been shaped by my experiences as a law student participant of the Restorative Justice Roundtable at San Quentin State Prison, as a volunteer educator with the Prison University Project at San Quentin, as a volunteer editor with the Brothers in Pen at San Quentin, as a law clerk with UnCommon Law in Oakland, and as an an advocate with Root & Rebound in Berkeley.

I'm grateful to these organizations for doing incredible, life-changing work, and for embodying the principles of restorative justice. My current research project is a culmination of everything I've learned through the opportunities they have gifted me with.

As a person who embraces restorative justice, I aspire to be an educator and advocate who empowers people in prison to tell their stories and rebuild their lives. Through writing my dissertation and discussing it with others, I hope to clarify the motives behind this aspiration and invite others to support it.


Ph.D. candidate, UC Berkeley
J.D., UC Berkeley School of Law
M.A., Westminster Seminary
B.A., Yale University


Capability approach
Narrative psychology
Political emotions
Rehabilitation theory
Restorative justice

Disciplinary field: Law and political science (public law)
Topical field: The politics and ethics of mass incarceration

Dissertation Abstract:

Narrative Identity as Freedom: An Ethical Case for Empowering People in Prison to Be Life Storytellers

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