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Course listing for Jonathan Simon

Jonathan Simon is teaching the following course in Fall 2014:

209.48 sec. 1 - Berkeley Empirical Legal Studies Seminar

Courses During Other Semesters

SemesterCourse NumCourse Titlelock Teaching Evaluations
Spring 2015 234.2 sec. 1Criminal Justice Seminar 
Spring 2014 209.48 sec. 1Berkeley Empirical Legal Studies Seminar 
 234.2 sec. 1Reducing Mass Incarceration: Innovative Solutions to a California and National ProblemView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2013 230 sec. 2Criminal LawView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2012 230 sec. 4Criminal LawView Teaching Evaluation
 234.4 sec. 1From Community Control to Mass Incarceration: Legacies of 1970s CriminologyView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2012 234.2 sec. 1Criminal Justice SeminarView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2011 230 sec. 1Criminal LawView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2010 283.5 sec. 1Re-Inventing California's Involuntary Commitment Law: Legislative Drafting WorkshopView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2009 209 sec. 1JSP Orientation SeminarView Teaching Evaluation
 231 sec. 1Criminal Procedure: InvestigationsView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2009 208.8 sec. 1Foundation Seminar in the Sociology of LawView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2008 209 sec. 1JSP Orientation SeminarView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2008 230 sec. 1Criminal LawView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2007 285.65 sec. 1California's Prison CrisisView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2006 237.1 sec. 1The Jurisprudence of Risk: Predictions of Dangerousness in the Criminal ProcessView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2005 209 sec. 1JSP Orientation Seminar 
 230 sec. 2Criminal Law 
Spring 2004 231.41 sec. 1Crime, Law & Governance 
Fall 2003 230 sec. 2Criminal Law