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Course listing for Saira Mohamed

Saira Mohamed is teaching the following course in Fall 2014:

230 sec. 1 - Criminal Law

Courses During Other Semesters

SemesterCourse NumCourse Titlelock Teaching Evaluations
Spring 2015 232 sec. 1International Criminal Law 
 263 sec. 1International Human Rights  
Spring 2014 263.S sec. 1International Human Rights 
Spring 2014 206C sec. 1California Law Review Publishing WorkshopView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2013 263S sec. 1International Human Rights 
Fall 2012 230 sec. 1Criminal LawView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2012 206C sec. 1California Law Review Publishing Workshop 
 261.15 sec. 1Colloquium on International Law and PoliticsView Teaching Evaluation
 263 sec. 1International Human Rights View Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2011 230 sec. 2Criminal LawView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2011 263 sec. 1International Human Rights LawView Teaching Evaluation
Fall 2010 230 sec. 1Criminal Law