SCOCA Active Docket

There are 40 currently active cases

Case TitleSupreme Court Case NumberCourt of Appeals Case NumberCase StatusCase Status Updated OnDocket EventDocket Updated On
PEOPLE v. SAETERNS220790C066929holding for lead casee2014-10-14Additional record requested2014-10-14
LEE v. HANLEYS220775G048501review granted/brief due2014-10-14Certification of interested entities or persons filed2014-10-14
IN RE A.S.S220280H039825review granted/counsel needed2014-09-26Notice of substitution of counsel2014-10-14
PEOPLE v. GARRETTS220271holding for lead case2014-09-26Counsel appointment order filed2014-10-14
PEOPLE v. ROBINSONS220247G048155review granted/counsel needed2014-09-26Petition for review granted; issues limited2014-09-26
SABIA v. ORANGE COUNTY METRO REALTYS220237B243141holding for lead case2014-09-26Certification of interested entities or persons filed2014-10-14
URIARTE v. SCOTT SALES COMPANYS220088B244257holding for lead case2014-09-22Certification of interested entities or persons filed2014-10-14
KESHTGAR v. U.S. BANKS220012B246193holding for lead case2014-10-14Note: Mail returned (unable to forward)2014-10-14
HAVER v. BNSF RAILWAYS219919B246527review granted/brief due2014-08-22Motion filed2014-10-14
LEWIS v. S.C. (MEDICAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA)S219811B252032review granted/brief due2014-09-22Extension of time granted2014-10-14
PEOPLE v. DUNCKHURSTS219745C074341holding for lead case2014-09-22Counsel appointment order filed2014-10-14
KESNER v. S.C. (PNEUMO ABEX)S219534review granted/brief due2014-08-22Motion filed2014-10-14
PEOPLE v. TREJOS219448G048572holding for lead case2014-09-09Counsel appointment order filed2014-10-14
PEOPLE v. TIREYS219050G048369holding for lead case2014-08-22Order filed2014-09-09
PEOPLE v. BROWNS218993D064641review granted/counsel needed2014-08-22Extension of time granted2014-09-26
YVANOVA v. NEW CENTURY MORTGAGE CORPORATIONS218973B247188review granted/brief due2014-09-09Association of attorneys filed2014-10-14
GREATER LOS ANGELES AGENCY ON DEAFNESS v. CABLE NEWS NETWORKS216351answer brief due2014-10-14Received:2014-10-14
VARGAS v. SAI MONROVIA B.S212033B237257holding for lead case2013-08-26Change of contact information filed for:2014-10-02
COMPTON v. S.C. (AMERICAN MANAGEMENT SERVICES)S210261B236669holding for lead case2013-07-09Certification of interested entities or persons filed2013-08-26
PEOPLE v. LAVENDERS209975D057655review granted/counsel needed2013-07-09Cause argued and submitted2014-10-14
FLORES v. PRESBYTERIAN INTERCOMMUNITY HOSPITALS209836B235409fully briefed2014-08-22Extension of time granted2014-09-26
PEOPLE v. STEVENSS209643B241356fully briefed2014-08-22Opposition filed2014-08-22
PEOPLE v. ELLISS209148A133343holding for lead case2013-07-09Case ordered on calendar2014-10-14
FLORES v. WEST COVINA AUTO GROUPS208716B238265holding for lead case2014-09-09Order filed: case held pending decision in another case2014-09-09
CALIFORNIA CHARTER SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION v. LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICTS208611B242601fully briefed2014-08-22Notice of Unavailability of Counsel Filed2014-08-22
GILLETTE COMPANY v. FRANCHISE TAX BOARDS206587A130803fully briefed2014-08-22Change of contact information filed for:2014-08-22
GOODRIDGE v. KDF AUTOMOTIVE GROUPS206153D060269holding for lead case2012-12-20Change of contact information filed for:2013-07-09
TAYLOR (WILLIAM) ON H.C.S206143D059574fully briefed2013-07-09Change of contact information filed for:2014-08-22
FLUOR CORPORATION v. S.C. (HARTFORD ACCIDENT & INDEMNITY COMPANY)S205889G045579fully briefed2013-08-26Change of contact information filed for:2014-08-22
CARON v. MERCEDES-BENZ FINANCIAL SERVICES USAS205263G044550holding for lead case2012-10-26Order filed: case held pending decision in another case2014-09-09
PEOPLE v. SCHAEFFERS205260E053499fully briefed2013-04-25Answer brief on the merits filed2013-06-04
HAYWARD, CITY OF v. TRUSTEES OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITYS203939A132423holding for lead case2012-10-18Motion to withdraw as counsel filed2014-09-09
PEOPLE v. LES202921D057392supplemental briefs due2014-09-09Supplemental reply brief filed2014-10-02
MAYERS v. VOLT MANAGEMENTS200709G045036holding for lead case2012-07-14Reply to answer to petition filed2013-06-04
IN RE CIPRO CASES I & IIS198616D056361supplemental briefs due2013-07-09Order filed2014-10-02
ROBINSON (JAMES) ON H.C.S141320return due2014-10-14Order to show cause issued2014-10-14
MANRIQUEZ (ABELINO) ON H.C.S141210fully briefed2014-09-22Petition for writ of habeas corpus filed (AA)2014-10-02
BENAVIDES FIGUEROA (VICENTE) ON H.C.S111336return due2014-09-22Order to show cause issued2014-09-22
PEOPLE v. GRIMES (GARY LEE)S076339submitted/opinion due2014-10-14Cause argued and submitted2014-10-14