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257.64 sec. 1 - Corporate Governance: State of the Art Topics (Fall 2012)

Instructor: Michael L. Cypers  (view instructor's teaching evaluations | profile)
Instructor: Douglas Clark  (view instructor's teaching evaluations)
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Units: 2
Meeting Time: Th 3:35-5:25
Meeting Location: 244

Course Start: August 23, 2012
Course Control Number (Non-1Ls): 49673

"Corporate Governance: State of the Art Topics" will cover the major developments of recent years which have significantly affected the governance of public companies in the United States. The course will cover the new and continually evolving regulatory regime along with the litigation and enforcement matters, including: (i) case studies from matters such as Enron, Countrywide, Goldman Sachs and Hewlitt Packard; (ii) the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Dodd-Frank reactions to corporate scandals, and their significant effect on public company governance, SEC reporting obligations and the criminal enforcement regime; (iii) the credit crisis of 2008 and its aftermath; (iv) the roles and responsibilities of corporate "gatekeepers," including particular focus on the duties of attorneys; (v) shareholder activism; and (vi) executive compensation.

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Course Category: Business Law

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