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256.15 sec. 1 - New Business Counseling Practicum Seminar (Spring 2012)

Instructor: William A. Kell  (view instructor's teaching evaluations | profile)
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Units: 2
Meeting Time: Tu 3:35-5:25
Meeting Location: 244

Course Start: January 10, 2012
Course Control Number (Non-1Ls): 49792

The New Business Counseling Practicum is a clinical program in which students assist local start-up businesses. All Practicum students must sign up for the Seminar as the classroom component, and then also 1-4 units of Law 256.12 for the clinical work conducted with entrepreneur clients over the term. Professor Kell will distribute the course control number for Law 256.12 to students who are already enrolled in the seminar.

The seminar will ready students for transactional lawyering and consulting with business clients, but in the larger sense, will demonstrate in depth what is needed to start a successful business. The course will also examine ethical issues and other critical practice matters for transactional lawyers and other professionals.

Teaching methods include classroom lectures, panels, field trips, and simulations. Students start working with their real start-up clients by the 4th week and continue through the remainder of the term. Students work in interdisciplinary teams and under Instructor supervision, to research and formulate options that will address their entrepreneur clients' needs.

Traditional topic areas be examined and applied particularly in the context of assisting new businesses. Areas of law will include: business regulation, risk management, contracts, intellectual property, and taxation. Areas of business management will include financing, marketing, business planning, and evaluating financials. Finally, mixed areas of law and business management will be examined, including entity formation, capital formation, and tax planning.

This course satisfies the Professional Responsibility Requirement.

This course satisfies the Skills Requirement.

Exam Notes: P+
This is a credit only course
Course Category: Business Law
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Social Justice and Public Interest

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