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251.31 sec. 1 - Introduction to Law, Economics and Business (Spring 2013)

Instructor: Robert D. Cooter  (view instructor's teaching evaluations | profile)
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Units: 3
Meeting Time: Tu 3:35-6:15
Meeting Location: 111

Course Start: January 08, 2013
Course Control Number (1Ls): 49778 (section 2)
Course Control Number (Non-1Ls): 49775

Officials and citizens care about the effects of legal rules on the economy and society. Economic models of law are powerful instruments for predicting these effects. Predictions are useful in government for making law and policy, and in business for making decisions. This course introduces students to the economic analysis of the law, which is one of the major theoretical perspectives on the study of law in American universities. The areas of law usually covered in class include property, torts, contracts, corporations, civil procedure, and criminal law.

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The course neither presumes nor requires a background in economics, but it uses graphs and simple algebra of the kind found in
introductory microeconomics classes. Students who are unsure of their technical preparation for the class should examine the textbook (Robert Cooter and Thomas Ulen, Law and Economics (Addison-Wesley, 6th edition)

Exam Notes: F,Mid
Course Category: Jurisprudence and Social Policy (JSP)
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Business Law
Law and Economics

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Required Books are in blue

  • Law and Economics
    robert cooter and tom ulen
    Edition: 6th edition
    Publisher: Addison-Wesley
    Copyright Date: To Be Determined
    Price: To Be Determined

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