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Peter Gallagher Presents Sandy Cohen Public Defender Fellowship
Around lunchtime on Thursday, April 22, a flock of excited Boalt students garbed in orange t-shirts gathered to greet actor Peter Gallagher, who was the guest of honor at the O.C. at Boalt's presentation of the inaugural Sandy Cohen Public Defender Fellowship to Jason D. Balitzer '06. Gallagher plays Sandy Cohen--a lawyer who graduated from Boalt Hall and worked in the Public Defender's Office--on the hit FOX drama, The O.C. Gallagher thanked the club for its homage to his character and for pursuing the noble goal of supporting public defense, and encouraged students to keep following their dreams. He then answered questions from the audience and even sang an a cappella version of "The Best is Yet to Come" to thunderous applause.

Fellowship recipient Jason Balitzer gave thanks to club founder John Kim '04 and "all those people in orange shirts who saw this as an opportunity to have fun in law school but also to give something back." Balitzer plans to begin his work in a Public Defender's office this summer.

The O.C. at Boalt is a growing organization with about 60 members dedicated to following the teen drama that ensues each Wednesday night at 9 p.m. For more information, visit the O.C. at Boalt website or contact Linda Anderberg at 510-642-6073 or





















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