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Boalt Presents Protecting Human Subjects vs. Preserving Social Research
On Thursday, April 8, Boalt's Center for the Study of Law and Society will examine the effects of university and federal regulations on social science research that uses human subjects. Protecting Human Subjects vs. Preserving Social Research will feature a talk by UCLA sociology professor Jack Katz, an expert in ethnographic social science research.

Katz will discuss Institutional Review Boards (also known as Committees for the Protection of Human Subjects), which have been created to protect human subjects in research. His talk will argue that the free speech limitations these commitees impose have had a chilling effect on social research. Responses will be offered by Jane Gilbert Mauldon, associate professor with UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy and chair of UC Berkeley's Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects; and Richard Leo, associate professor of criminology, law and society, and associate professor of psychology and social behavior at UC Irvine.

Founded in 1961, the Center for the Study of Law and Society fosters empirical research and theoretical analysis concerning legal institutions, legal processes, legal change and the social consequences of law. The conference will take place at 4:15 p.m. in 140 Boalt, and is free of charge and open to the public. For more information, please contact Erin Campbell at 510-643-8010 or
























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