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Laurel Fletcher's Research on Hidden Slaves Featured on Nightline
On Tuesday, September 21, ABC's Nightline featured Professor Laurel Fletcher, director of Boalt's International Human Rights Law Clinic, in a story on hidden slaves in the United States. Professor Fletcher is a co-author of a new report on forced labor. The program examined the plight of some 10,000 people in at least 90 cities across the country who are currently working in conditions that meet the definition of forced labor -working for little or no compensation under threats or violence. The practice frequently involves the international trafficking of adults or children into the United States. Individuals may be compelled to work in deplorable conditions as domestic workers, prostitutes, restaurant and hotel workers, factory workers and field workers. The story generated a tremendous response from Nightline viewers. For more information, visit Nightline's website.

The report was released on Thursday, September 23, in a Washington, D.C., news conference. It is the first comprehensive look at contemporary slavery in the United States. Professor Fletcher co-authored the report with Eric Stover, director of the International Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley, and a Washington, D.C., non-profit group, Free the Slaves. Students from the International Human Rights Clinic assisted Professor Fletcher in her research. To download a copy of the report, visit the clinic's website. You can also read a Washington Post article about the report.





















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