ELQ - Staff & Members

ELQ Organization

The production staff of ELQ is comprised entirely of students at the School of Law (Boalt Hall), University of California, Berkeley.  All Boalt students are free to join ELQ. There is no competition or selection criteria for joining, merely a requirement that members perform a minimum of 13 hours of office hours during the semester, pay $25 in dues, and have the desire to work on the nation's premier environmental law journal!

General Members: The General Members serve as the backbone of ELQ's labor force. Through tireless effort, they make sure all the work that needs to get done actually gets done, including source collection, photocopying and general errands. We also have Senior Members, who are required to perform 20 office hours a semester and generally take a more active role in the journal.  An important part of ELQ's membership are our Associate Editors, who work as freelance help when projects require more time than can usually be asked of a General Member.

Editorial Board:  Our Editorial Board provides the senior leadership at ELQ responsible for selecting and editing articles (with the able and direct assistance of out Members!), managing the mechanics of publishing the journal, and organizing all of our fundraising and social events.  The Editorial Board is elected each spring by an all-Member vote.

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