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ELQ is one of many organizations dedicated to the study and protection of the environment.  With no institutional endorsement (unless specifically noted), ELQ provides the links on this site as an academic courtesy to aid our own Members and our online visitors in research.

International Statutes

International Resources

The Kyoto Protocol - The world's most comprehensive treaty addressing global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

Agenda 21 - Helped to establish "sustainable development"
as a policy goal for international environmental law.

Stockholm 1972 - The original international environmental law conference. The manifesto helps to outline the basis for
 today's system.

The Rio Declaration - While mostly fluff, this declaration
does outline important guiding principles for the world's nations.

United Nations Environmental Program - Charged with managing international environmental law, UNEP keeps track of all the relevant treaties and agreements, and also acts as a forum for new agreements.

The Framework Convention on Climate Change - A more specialized UN body which governs the implementation of climate change treaties.


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