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The Professor Joseph Sax Fellowship, up to $5,000

Professor Sax retired in 2001 as James H. House and Hiram H. Hurd Professor of Environmental Regulation after teaching at Boalt since 1986. In recognition of Professor Sax's great accomplishments as an academic, practitioner, mentor, and friend, ELQ dedicated a fellowship in his honor.

The Joseph L. Sax Fellowships—All eligible 2Ls who do not receive the Sandals Fellowship and who secure employment in an environmental public interest or public sector position will be guaranteed an award from this funding pool. An $8,000 fund will be distributed according to the following criteria.

Applicants must submit information about the outside sources of funding that they are able to obtain (e.g., work-study funds, stipends or grants from employers, etc.). ELQ will top off these other awards, raising the total funding of each recipient to no more than $5,000. If there is not enough money to provide each recipient with $5,000, the pool will be distributed equitably with the goal of ensuring that each recipient is awarded no less than any other (i.e., not in evenly divided portions, but in order to maximize each student’s combination of alternative funding and fellowships funds).

Here are examples of how the $8,000 can be awarded: 

Hypothetical #1:
Only three 2Ls are eligible: Al, Bob, and Charles. Al is getting $4k from his non-profit job. Bob is getting $2k from an independent fellowship.  Charles is getting nothing.  The Joseph Sax Fellowships will be awarded as follows: 
Al gets $666.
Bob gets $2,666.
Charles gets $4,666k  
All three applicants end up with $4,666 each for the summer.
Note: Dan, a 2L who would have otherwise been eligible, won the $5k Barry Sandals Fellowship. 

Hypothetical #2: 
Only one 2L is eligible: Al. Al gets no outside money. The Joseph Sax Fellowship will be awarded as follows: 
Al gets $5k. 

Hypothetical #3:
Two 2Ls are eligible: Al and Bob.  Al is getting $5k from his job.  Bob is getting $2k.  The Joseph Sax Fellowship is distributed as follows: 
Al gets no money.
Bob gets $3k. 


Professor Joseph Sax

Professor Sax's Faculty Profile

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