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Alvin & Sadie Landis Prizes in Water Law & Government Law

The Alvin & Sadie Landis Prizes were established in honor of the Donor's father-in-law who specialized in the areas of Water Law and Government Law. Each year Prizes are awarded to the student(s) who, in the judgment of the Dean, have written the most accomplished research papers in Water Law and in Government Law. The winner of each award shall receive $500 and will be recognized at graduation.

The Landis Prize Competition is open to any currently enrolled student at Boalt, including LLM & JSP students, visiting students and Harvard Exchange students. Graduate students who are associated with other departments, and are not law students, are ineligible.

Submissions cannot be published or scheduled for publication. The submissionís research and writing must be substantially the studentís own work (i.e. co-authored pieces are NOT eligible; if, however, a student has developed a paper based on comments and suggestions of professors or peers, this does not render the paper ineligible). Note: Acceptable topics for Government Law include, but are not limited to, Administrative Law, State & Local Government Law, and Land Use Law. The Government Law paper need not be environmental in scope.

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