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The ELQ Summer Fellowship, up to $3,000

The ELQ Summer Fellow Program was developed out of a desire to allow law students the opportunity to apply their legal training to solving some of the world's most pressing environmental issues.

This fellowship is awarded to a first-year law student who has:

1. A commitment to public service; AND
2. Secured a summer position working with a public sector or public interest environmental organization; AND
3. Fulfills the 25-hour public service requirement to qualify for a Boalt Hall Summer Fellowship.

The award will be distributed from the remains of the pool drawn from by the Joseph Sax Fellowship. The awards are intended to top off the Boalt Hall Fellowship in an equitable manner so that all first-year applicants who work in environmental law have equal funding. So, supposing that there is $3,000 left over from the Sax Fellowship: if three 1L's apply each will receive $1000; if six apply each will receive $500, etc.

ELQ Volume 30 Issue 2

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