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Ecology Law Quarterly Student Writing Awards

ELQ is now accepting submissions for the three writing prizes given at Boalt. Following are descriptions of the prizes, rules for entry, and important deadlines:  

All competitions are open to any currently enrolled student at Boalt, including LLM & JSP students.  

Writing Award Rules & Submission Details

Landis Government Law Prize:To Be Announced. Harmon Prize & Landis Water Law: To Be Announced.  

    1. Submissions MUST not have been previously published, or be scheduled for publication. 
    2. The submission’s research and writing must be substantially the student’s own work (i.e. no co-authored works, and pieces cannot previously have been edited by law journal editors). If, however, a student has developed a paper based on comments and suggestions of professors or peers, this does not render the paper ineligible. 
    3. Submissions will be judged by a panel of Boalt faculty and/or alumni on the quality of the writing & analysis, depth of research, importance and timeliness of the topic, and difficulty of the subject matter. 
Submission Details: 
    1. Please submit entries to the ELQ Office, 493 Simon, by placing them in the box labeled “Writing Awards,” and also electronically to Jordan Diamond at jdiamond@berkeley.edu.  
    2. Entries must be typed and double-spaced. 
    3. Three (3) copies of each paper must be submitted. Students should attach a cover sheet with the following information: (a) their name, (b) paper title, (c) contact information, and (d) what prize(s) they are submitting their paper in consideration for. 
    4. Copies themselves SHOULD NOT have the student's name in order to maintain the applicant’s anonymity in the judging process. Electronic copies should have the name in the document title, but nowhere in the document itself.   


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