ELQ - Environmental Law Careers


Public Sector Environmental Law

Government: Principally, the environmental lawyers that work for government agencies are interested in enforcing the environmental laws of the federal or state government. They also look over documents and proposed laws to see if they comply with the existing environmental laws, and depending on the ageny, also sue polluters or sub-federal agencies for failure to comply with environmental laws. There are several national agencies which need environmental lawyers, most prominently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Most states have their own environmental agency which need lawyers too, as do individual state Attorney General offices.

Non-Profit Organizations: Usually practice the more "Hollywood" style version of environmental law, like suing polluters. NPOs have a competitive hiring process, but the work usually affords excellent training in environmental litigation. NPOs come in a variety of sizes (like firms) and some offer work that is more based around community organizing (e.g. Greenaction) than direct litigation (e.g. NRDC).

Public Interest/Public Service @ Boalt: Boalt Career Services has an excellent program for helping students find summer and long-term employment at public interest firms, government agencies and non-profits in all PI/PS areas--environmental opportunities are always plentiful! Interested Boalt students (...sorry Boalt password required!) click here for more info on Boalt's PI/PS program!

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