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For the new online ELQ publication:

Ecology Law Quarterly is launching an online companion journal designed to act as a forum for short-form environmental legal writing. Articles in this journal will be indexed and citable. We are seeking submissions approximately 1500-3000 words in length on current environmental law and policy issues. Typical submissions will include notes on recent cases and rulings (within the past 12 months), current events, and new developments in the law; opinion commentary; responses to articles published in ELQ and other short-form research and writing. If you are interested in submitting a proposal or submitting an article, or if you would like more information, please e-mail Karis Gong (kgong@berkeley.edu) or Dan Pollak (dpollak@berkeley.edu). Practitioner and student submissions are especially welcome. Submissions may be e-mailed to elqonline@gmail.com

For ELQ in print:

The ELQ Editorial Board welcomes articles for review and publication consideration. ELQ publishes articles and book reviews written by law professors, practitioners, and professionals outside the legal community. ELQ also strongly supports student scholarship and often publishes exceptional pieces written by JD and advanced degree law students. We publish articles covering a diversity of environmental topics, each with a sound argument and a novel approach.

Submission Requirements

For all submissions, we require that you submit: (1) your manuscript , (2) a cover letter or email , and (3) a CV or resume . Be sure to indicate your preferred email address, phone number, mailing address, and include any time restrictions for a response.

Submission Address

E-MAIL: Send your submissions in either MS Word or PDF format to elqsubmissions@law.berkeley.edu. ELQ also accepts submissions through ExpressO.

REGULAR MAIL: ELQ prefers electronic submissions. If you would like us to consider a hard copy submission, please alert us of your submission by sending an email to elqsubmissions@law.berkeley.edu, and mail your hard copy submission to the following address: Ecology Law Quarterly, ATTN: Articles Submissions Coordinator, Simon Hall 493, Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720.


The manuscript should be typed, double-spaced, in its completed form, and submitted electronically in MS Word or PDF format. Allow at least 1.25 inch margins and number pages consecutively throughout the paper. Number footnotes serially to correspond to the text. Include on the title page the full name of the author, academic and other professional affiliations, and the complete address to which proofs and correspondences should be sent.

Please follow The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (18th ed. 2005 or most current).

Please indicate in your submission cover letter or email whether ELQ should consider your piece as an Article (researched and written after receiving your J.D.), a Comment/Note (if you researched and wrote all or a substantial portion of the piece before receiving a J.D.), an Essay, or a Book Review.

Only unpublished manuscripts will be considered for publication. If any part of the paper has been published previously, or is to be published elsewhere, the author must include this information at the time of submission.


If any figure, table or more than six lines of text from previously published material are included in a manuscript, the author must obtain written permission for republication from the copyright holder. For permission requests or questions, please contact the Boalt's Publications Coordinator at 313 Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley 94720, or PublicationsCoordinator@law.berkeley.edu, (510) 643-6600.


Authors of full articles receive 25 free reprints and may order additional reprints. Authors of Annual Review pieces receive 15 free reprints and may order additional reprints.  Free reprints are not provided to authors of book reviews or annual review case briefs. These authors may order reprints. To order re-prints, please contact the Publications Editor by e-mail at ecologylq@law.berkeley.edu or by telephone at (510) 642-0457.

Copyright Agreement

Read our standard author copyright agreement <here>.

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