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Accepted Articles. The following articles have been accepted for publication (click title for abstract):

Marc B. Mihaly, Public-Private economic redevelopment and the Supreme Court: Kelo v. City of New London

Victor B. Flatt, Gasping for Breath : The Administrative Flaws of Federal Hazardous Air Pollution

Mary Wood, EPA’s Protection of Tribal Harvests:  Braiding the Agency’s Mission

Matthew Zinn, Adapting to Climate Change:  Environmental Law in a Warmer World

Sheryl Lawrence, What Can You Do with a Fluorescent Green Pig?: How Novel Transgenic Products Reveal Flaws in the Foundational Assumptions for the Regulation of Biotechnology

Rankin, Keely, What Appears to Big Win For Environmentalists in New York II is Not Likely to Have Any Real Impact on Environmental Issues

Covington, Courtney, Rapanos v. U.S.: Evaluating the Efficacy of Textualism in Interpreting Environmental Laws

Stelle, Nicole, Garnett: Planning as Public Use?

Frank, Richard, The Dog That Didn't Bark, Imperial Water, I Love L.A. & Other Tales From the California Takings Litigation Front

Wood, Mary Christina, EPA's Protection of Tribal Harvests: Braiding the Agency's Mission



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