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Issue 9:2 (Fall 1994)

Issues of Property, Ethics and Consent in the Transplantation of Fetal Reproductive Tissue
by Heather J. Meeker

Non-Proliferation and Free Access to Outer Space: the Dual-Use Dilemma of the Outer Space Treaty and the Missile Technology Control Regime
by Barry J. Hurewitz

A Call for Reconsideration of the Strict Utility Standard in Chemical Patent Practice
by Salim A. Hasan

Copyright Misuse and Tying: Will Courts Stop Misusing Misuse?
by Troy Paredes

Digital Litigation: The Prejudicial Effects of High Technology Animation in the Courtroom
by John Selbak

Issue 9:1 (Spring 1994)

Peer Review in Awarding Federal Grants in the Arts and Sciences
by Thomas O. McGarity

The Legal Profession as a Standard for Improving Engineering Ethics: Should Engineers Behave like Lawyers?
by Kimberly A. Pace

Choppy Waters in the Surveillance Data Stream: The Clipper Scheme and the Particularity Clause
by Mark I. Koffsky

Toward a Clearer Standard of Protectable Information: Trade Secrets and the Employment Relationship
by Miles J. Feldman

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