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Issue 8:2 (Fall 1993)

The Search for "Scientific Knowledge" in Federal Courts in the Post-Frye Era: Refuting the Assertion That "Law Seeks Justice While Science Seeks Truth"
by Howard A. Denemark

Watercloud Muddies the Water for Patent Coverage Disputes
by Howard Ross Cabot

The Biological Deposit Requirement: A Means of Assuring Adequate Disclosure
by David J. Weitz

Post-Modern Printing Presses: Extending Freedom of Press to Protect Elecronic Information Services
by Tung Yin

Issue 8:1 (Spring 1993)

Information Services in the 1990s: A Case Study in Rethinking the Beneficial Uses of Industrial Policy
by Randolph J. May and Richard S. Whitt

Intellectual Property Protection and Reverse Engineering of Computer Programs in the United States and the European Community
by Charles R. McManis

Casting Call at Forest Lawn: The Digital Resurrection of Deceased Entertainers a 21st Century Challenge for Intellectual Property Law
by Joseph J. Beard

The New Privacy Interest: Electronic Mail in the Workplace
by Steven Winters

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