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Issue 6:2 (Fall 1991)

Computer Programs, Users Interfaces, and Section 102(b) of the Copyright Act of 1976: A Critique of Lotus v. Paperback
by Pamela Samuelson

New Telecommunications Technologies and Regulation: The Case of Personal Communications Services
by Alexander C. Larson and Terrence J. Schroepfer

The View From on High: Satellite Remote Sensing Technology and the Fourth Amendment
by Lisa J. Steele

High Technology Consortia: A Panacea for America’s Competitiveness Problems?
by Michelle K. Lee and Mavis K. Lee

Product Liability Barriers to the Commercialization of Biotechnology: Improving the Competitiveness of the U.S. Biotechnology Industry
by Michael D. Stovsky

Issue 6:1 (Spring 1991)

Biotechnology for Human Life and Health – The Special Case for a Negligence-Only Rule to Promote Critical Innovation
by Eleanor M. Fox and Michael Traynor

Regulation of Alternative Operator Services
by Frank P. Darr

Regulating International Trade in Launch Services
by Timothy A. Brooks

Protein Patents and the Doctrine of Equivalents: Limits on the Expansion of Patent Rights
by Jeffrey P. Kushan

Symposium Report: Biotechnology Law

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