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Volume 5 (1990)

Issue 5:2 (Fall 1990)

The AT&T Antitrust Consent Decree: Should Congress Change the Rules?
by Lawrence A. Sullivan and Ellen Hertz

The Human Preembryo, the Progenitors and the State: Toward a Dynamic Theory of Status, Rights, and Research
by Patricia A. Martin and Martin L. Lagod

The Judicial Improvements and Access to Justice Act: New Patent Venue, Mandatory Arbitration and More
by Alan B. Rich, Gaynell C. Methvin and Thomas L. Crisman

Moore v. The Regents of the University of California: Balancing the Need for Biotechnology Innovation Against the Right of Informed Consent
by Maureen S. Dorney

Scanning the Future of Copyrightable Images: Computer-Based Image Processing Poses a Present Threat
by Benjamin R. Seecof

Issue 5:1 (Spring 1990)

Software Product Liability: Understanding and Minimizing the Risks
by Lawrence B. Levy and Suzanne Y. Bell

Atari Games v. Nintendo: Does a Closed System Violate the Antitrust Laws?
by Glynn S. Lunney, Jr.

Copyright for Innovative Biotechnology Research: An Attractive Alternative to Patent or Trade Secret Protection
by Doreen M. Hogle

Congressional Limits on Technological Alterations to Film: The Public Interest and the Artistsí Moral Right
by Janine V. McNally

Intellectual Property Law and the Venture Capital Process
by Alexander E. Silverman

Book Review: Preparing for EDI (by Benjamin Wright)
by David Barkan

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