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Issue 18:3 (Summer 2003)

Cheap Drugs at What Price to Innovation: Does the Compulsory Licensing of Pharmaceuticals Hurt Innovation?
Colleen Chien

Balancing Private Rights and Public Policies: Reconceptualizing Property in Databases
Jacqueline Lipton

Cybercrimes & Misdemeanors: A Reevaluation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Reid Skibell

Issue 18:2 (Spring 2003)

Symposium Edition: Digital Rights Management - What will DRM technologies mean for the future of information?

Edited Transcript of the David Nelson Memorial Keynote Address: A Voice from Congress on DRM
Rep. Zoe Lofgren

The DMCA and the Regulation of Scientific Research
Joseph P. Liu

Consumers and Creative Destruction: Fair Use Beyond Market Failure
Raymond Shih Ray Ku

DRM and Privacy
Julie Cohen

Will Merging Access Controls and Rights Controls Undermine the Structure of Anticircumvention Law?
R. Anthony Reese

DRM as an Enabler of Business Models: ISPs as Digital Retailers
Lionel S. Sobel

Edited & Excerpted Transcriptof the Symposium on the Law & Technology of Digital Rights Management

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