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Issue 16:3 (Fall 2001)

Foreseeability in Patent Law
by Matthew J. Conigliaro, Andrew C. Greenburg, and Mark A. Lemley

Empirical Analysis of the Federal Circuit's Claim Construction Trends
by Christian A. Chu

Clones, Bones, and Twilight Zones: Protecting the Digital Persona of the Quick, the Dead, and the Imaginary
by Joseph J. Beard

Link Law Revisited: Internet Linking Law at Five Years
by Mark Sableman

Is There a There There? Toward Greater Certainty for Internet Jurisdiction
by Michael A. Geist


Issue 16:Supplement (Summer 2001)

Back from the Future: A Proleptic Review of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act
by David Nimmer

Norm Proselytizers Create A Privacy Entitlment in Cyberspace
by Steven A. Hetcher

Are Xenotransplantation Safeguards Legally Viable?
by Patrik S. Florencio and Erik D. Ramanathan

Exorcising the Specter of a "Pay-Per-Use" Society: Toward Preserving Fair Use and the Public Domain in the Digital Age
Comment by John R. Therien

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