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Issue 15:3 (Fall 2000)

The Evolving Common Law Doctrine of Copyright Misuse: A Unified Theory and Its Application Software
by Brett Frischmann and Dan Moylan

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Implications of Pfaff v. Wells Electronics, Inc. and the Quest for Predictability in the On-Sale Bar
by Timothy R. Holbrook

Access Control and Innovation under the Emerging EU Electronic Commerce Framework
by Thomas Heide

Sixteen Years After the Passage of the U.S. Semiconductor Chip Protection Act: Is International Protection Working?
by Leon Radomsky

A Lost Connection: Geostationary Satellite Networks and the International Telecommunication Union
by Lawrence D. Roberts

Against Cyberlaw
by Joseph H. Sommer

The Evolution of the Enablement and Written Description Requirements Under 35 U.S.C. § 112 in the Area of Biotechnology
Comment by Margaret Sampson


Issue 15:2 (Spring 2000)

Constitutional Bounds of Database Protection:the Role of Judicial Review in the Creation and Definition of Private Rights in Information
By Yochai Benkler

A Response to Professor Benkler
by Marci A. Hamilton

The Constitutionalization of Technology Law
by Mark A. Lemley

Exit, Voice, and Values on the Net
by Dawn C. Nunziato

Encryption Source Code and the First Amendment
by Robert Post

Publishing Software as a Speech Act
by Lee Tien

Pirates of the Iinformation Infrastructure: Blackstonian Copyright and the First Amendment
by Hannibal Travis

Judicial Hyperactivity: The Federal Circuit's Discomfort with its Appellate Role
by William C. Rooklidge and Matthew F. Weil

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