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Issue 11:2 (Fall 1996)

Garbage In: Emerging media and Regulation of Unsolicited Commercial Solicitations
by Michael W. Carroll

When a License is Worse than a Refusal: A Comparative Competitive Effects Standard to Judge Restrictions in Intellectual Property Licenses
by Dana W. Hayter

Alliances for the Future: Cultivating a Cooperative Environment for Biotech Success
by Gina A. Kuhlman

Developing a Comprehensive Software Claim Drafting Strategy for U.S. Software Patents
by Keith E. Witek

Business Perspective: The Turning Point for Japanese Software Companies – Can They Compete in the Prepackaged Software Market?
by Rieko Mashima

Issue 11:1 (Spring 1996)

Seeking Shade in a Land of Perpetual Sunlight: Privacy as Property in the Electronic Wilderness
by Patricia Mell

Liabilities of System Operators on the Internet
by Giogio Bovenzi

Liability for Distributed Artifical Intelligences
by Curtis E.A. Karnow

Book Review: Science at the Bar – Law, Science, and Technology in America (by Sheila Jasanoff)
by Duane R. Valz

Book Review: McCarthy’s Desk Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property (by J. Thomas McCarthy)
by Elizabeth E. Launer

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