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Issue 10:2 (Fall 1995)

The Commercial Law of Internet Security
by Michael Rustad and Lori E. Eisenschmidt

Lending the Federal Circuit a Hand: An Economic Interpretation of the Doctrine of Equivalents
by Timothy J. Douros

Physicians and Surgeons as Inventors: Reconciling Medical Process Patents and Medical Ethics
by Joseph M. Reisman

A Behavior-Based Model for Determining Software Copyright Infringement
by Dennis M. Carleton

Book Review: DNA In The Courtroom – A Trial Watcher’s Guide (by Howard C. Coleman and Eric D. Swenson)
by Jasmine Samrad


Issue 10:1 (Spring 1995)

Convergence in the Law of Software Copyright?
by Mark A. Lemley

The Question Concerning Patent Law and Pioneer Inventions
by John R. Thomas

The European Union’s Proposed Directive for the Legal Protection of Databases: A New Threat to the Free Flow of Information
by Debra B. Rosler

The Ghost in the Machine: MAI Systems Corp. v. Peak Computer, Inc. and the Problem of Copying in RAM
by Bradley J. Nicholson

Brief Amicus Curiae: Lotus Development Corp. v. Borland
by Dennis S. Karjala and Peter S. Menell

Book Review: Copyright’s Highway – The Law and Lore of Copyright from Gutenberg to the Celestial Jukebox (by Paul Goldstein)
by Robert Chow

Book Review: Children of Choice – Freedom and the New Reproductive Technologies (by John A. Robertson)
by Duane R. Valz

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